How to Spool New Fishing Line Onto a Reel

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Today I ran into a  and learned how to spool new fishing line on a reel.  She showed me a quick and easy way to do it!  All I did was the following:

1. Take the old line off the reel and recycle it.

2. Make sure your drag is tight by turning the drag screw all the way to the right.

3. Open the bail.

4. Wrap the line three times around the spool and make a knot.  Cut off the excess line.

5. Begin reeling in your line.  Make sure you hold your line tight so it wraps snug around the spool.  Continue reeling until the line covers the spool.  Do not exceed the 2 boarders on the spinning reel. 

That's all for now!


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  • How do you find the end of the string on a new reel, we purchased our granddaughter a pole and reel for her birthday and want to get it set up. We just don’t seem to find the beginning of the fishing line.

    Nancy on

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