Choosing the Right Rod

With so many choices, it can become overwhelming when it comes to purchasing a fishing rod! Here are a couple tips to help you decide:


Who are you buying for?

If you're purchasing a rod for your child, you certainly wouldn't want to get them a fishing rod meant for adults! For kids ages 2-5, you might want to consider the Minnow with its push and release button. Or for a child not quite as young, but not quite old enough for a full size, you could check out our Tadpole fishing rod.


What are you planning to catch?

Going ice fishing? Or maybe heading out into deeper waters? FisherGirl carries the specialty rods you require for trickier game. 


Do you have the right equipment?

Each of our rods comes with a spool of line equipped so you can go casting right away! Some of them, like our Mermaid, even come with an assortment of lures for you to try out.